Hoping 2017 is much, much better than 2016, which was one of the worst years I've had personally in almost a decade. Onward and upwards... LA is around the corner! Looking forward to sunshine and warmth to bake out the chill that settled into my bones in my last year here in Chicago. Chicago is a great city and there are many wonderful, heartwarming, eye-opening people here... but some of what I thought was so wonderful & reassuring ended up breaking my heart, and the dreary gloom that sets over the city this winter has been with me since late last spring...

March cannot come soon enough...

May this truly be a HAPPY, NEW year for all.


Just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! We all deserve it after a rough 2016. ...so much heartbreaking loss this year.

Some news I'd like to share with you (in case you didn't read an earlier post!)... I'll be leaving Chicago for LA in early 2017! I've had a good run here with a solo art show, a bunch of group shows, a handful of performances in some great venues, and most importantly, met some wonderfully amazing people along the way (you know who you are!). And I had the opportunity to get to know my Chicago-based cousins better and get closer to my extended family, who are very dear to my heart. But, all that being said, I've had some very difficult trials here (such is life) and one needs to be attuned to when it's time to move on... and  that time is now.

I'm looking forward to more sunshine and warm weather. New art scene. New art friends. New music scene, new music friends. Closer to more family. Closer to many of my lifestyle preferences out there. It'll be a good thing, I hope/think/gather.

Wishing all much love and light for 2017 and beyond...

Done... and done!

Finally! I've been working on this website off and on for a couple of weeks, after years of having "build a new website" on my to-do list. No one knows why inanimate things move on their own time frame despite us trying to push them along. As I keep trying to tell myself that time is just an illusion...

Um, I realize that this is not really done... but 98% there is pretty good for now. ;)

Random pic of my kitty cat, Dora... Enjoy...

Dora, in her infamous role: "Camouflage Kitty in the Sink" 

Dora, in her infamous role: "Camouflage Kitty in the Sink" 


In anticipation to my move to LA in a few months, there are no shows at this time for art or music. But check back here! I may try to get a Chicago music performance in before I go!