In my painting, I seek a balance of boldness with subtlety, playfulness with weight, abstraction with hints of representation. My paintings hold in them a place where inner space meets outer space. The point of view often changes: Biological themes are present, as if looking through a microscope; other times, there is a suggestion of other universes, as if seen through a telescopic lens. During the process of painting, a challenge is often presented – how much to indulge in the depiction of life and how much to pull back to allow more interpretation that evoke places beyond us.

Constant movement is carried out by a lyrical line which is then followed by more defined shapes, often alluding to mid-century explorations of the 1940s and 1950s. I use such influences as a springboard to break out into new territories that express my distinct vision of irregular geometry finding its place inside an organic world. There is an implicit tension between femininity and masculinity that is exhibited in my choice of color, line and shape. 

In my latest work, I'm asking the viewer to "keep looking" -- to follow a line or shape and notice that it'll pull you into another direction. The tug allows you to discover a shape as part of another shape, as if entering into another realm. Just when you see something, you see something else, like picking up little hidden notes on a treasure hunt.

With watercolor, pencil, acrylic and oil paint, I delve into these complex worlds. With words and music, I explore similar themes as a singer-songwriter — seeking what lies beyond us and within us, what it means to be a woman, what it means to search for freedom outside the confines created by societal structures, as well as the limits we put on ourselves. 



Randi Russo is a visual artist and musician who currently resides and works in Los Angeles. Before venturing into her dual careers in music and visual art, she studied painting at Washington University in St. Louis and psychology at New York University. As a native New Yorker, she spent much of her time making a name for herself as a musician after graduating NYU. After extensive touring and releasing three albums, Randi decided to leave NYC and venture to Chicago to pursue her first passion – painting. After a year in Chicago, Thomas Masters Gallery offered Randi representation, alongside artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Hunt Slonem, and Art Shay. She had a solo exhibition there in January 2015. From then on, Randi was featured in numerous group shows. In March of 2017, she moved to Los Angeles to further her goals, growth and development as a visual artist and musician. Stay tuned...