Phew! March!

How is it March already?! It's those sneaky 28-sometimes-29 days of February that we know about, yet they always throw us for a loop!

So this week's charity: The Anti-Defamation League.  10% of the profits from sales of art and music will go to the ADL. Fight hatred by supporting the arts! It's a win-win (yep, there's that phrase again!).

I'll be extending the donation period until MARCH 9th.

On March 10th, Cornelia Arts Building, where I have my studio, will be having an Open House. Our first one of the Spring! I'll share the invite in another post. In a nutshell, 40+ artists open up their studios to the public... it's free and all ages. There's a food truck in the parking lot (you gotta pay for that food) and food in the studios. All funds raised through the sale of my art & music that particular night are going to the Randi Russo Moving Fund... my move to LA is 2-3x's more than what I expected due to the amount of large art I need to ship. So again, support the arts and help out a stressed-out woman with letting her keep all of the dough this night. :)

Pictured below: Two paintings of mine currently up at the Cornelia Arts Building:

L: "She Waits for Flowers" - 42x50" - mixed media on canvas. R: "Botanical Mechanics" - 45x60" - mixed media on canvas. Both are available.