Lost in Transition

I had a very close friend who passed away almost three years ago. He was such a dear friend to me that I think of him everyday, several times a day, and I miss him terribly as I go through a new phase of my life. He, of all people who could tell me not to complain (he had one of the most tragic lives of anyone I've ever known), would always listen patiently to me and with love.

He had a song (has? ...songs do live on) called "Lost in Transition" and it's been playing through my head a lot lately. His song was about being lost between being a boy and a man, as he struggled to find himself after his father's early death (when my friend was only 17). My friend David was so smart and talented, and although the verses sing about all the particulars, the chorus sang the universals, as the best songs have both those elements as part of the DNA in the lyrics.

In a world where people post all the good things, the happy things, the things that can spur on feelings of inadequacy in so many people... I just long for a world that is real. Real everywhere... online too. Right now, I feel like I'm apologizing for this post and I don't want to apologize for it. I don't want to apologize anymore...

Here is David Lang's song "Lost in Transition" (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me posting). He recorded all the parts himself on a 4-track cassette-recorder, ping-ponging all the tracks down to get more than four. He was the first person to show me how to record and even gave me his 4 track recorder years ago... over 20 years ago.

He was quite young when he wrote and recorded this, without all the home technology people have today (there I go, apologizing again! But it's true, listen to the song beyond the recording quality). This may be circa 1994 or 1995...

Thank you, David, for being a wonderful friend. I miss you.

dave, me and his dog, sweetie pie II

dave, me and his dog, sweetie pie II